Help SEEDS OF TIME grow!

There are thousands of seed banks and seed-focused non-profits around the world who are working to help preserve the diversity of our world's seeds. These entities are vastly under-funded. You can help both our efforts and theirs by sponsoring a screening of SEEDS OF TIME.

Your contribution helps our small team do the work necessary to get this film out into the world. There are countless potential partners, seed libraries and activists who we want to reach so they can use this film to inspire and educate their communities. We want to help individuals start their own seed libraries. We want to help organize petitions and campaigns to protect those seed libraries and to launch new initiatives to protect our seed diversity. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We are also happy to play match-maker if there is a specific organization that you would like to sponsor a screening for. Just let us know and we will connect you directly with that organization.